About Doggess Art

Doggess Art is a creative project that started in autumn 2020. Having been a music and travel photographer for half of my life I started to miss doing something more creative and dived into crafting some accessories for my own dog Juno. I just wanted to make a few bits and pieces to match her collars and after my first designs got some good feedback I opened an Etsy store on the last day of 2020. I did not expect much and only had limited stock but after two months and the help of an amazing team of brand ambassadors I managed to expand and launch  my own website and more designs, keeping my growth steady. I am very thankful for everything I was able to do until now and put so much passion and heart into my designs. Being the eternal “goth girl” I am always inspired by anything dark and mysterious and so I wanted to keep this theme in my designs as well. My favourite tags are the moon shapes and I did make a few of them for myself as jewellery! I am originally from Vienna, Austria and after living in Austria and Switzerland for most of my life I moved to Norwich, England 2 years ago. Doggess Art brought back my creative spark and I made so many awesome friends through this biz and found a great community.