Resin Tag Care

Resin Tag Care and Info


  • Don’t leave your dog unattended with the tag (don’t let your dog chew or ingest the tag). We are not taking responsibility for chewed tags and don't take liability for any injuries.
  • Tags are all handmade to order and despite trying our best to make them look as good as possible can contain little imperfections or may look slightly different than on the product pic.
  • Please make sure the split ring is attached well to the collar and did not bend when you attached it as it can get lost otherwise. If you want a larger ring or a second ring please add this in the personalisation notes at check out, I can provide this without extra costs. 


  • Please note that Resin Tags are not as hard wearing as metal tags and are more decorative ID Tags. They will last if you take care of them. 
  • Tags are splash water resistant and you can wipe them with a soft cloth or tissue if they get wet. It is not advised to submerge your tags in water for too long as resin can become cloudy.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals as this will destroy the resin.
  • Don’t leave your tags in bright sunlight for too long as colours can fade and resin can yellow.
  •  Please mind that banging your tags against rocks or metal can chip the resin and lead to scratches or can make the tag spin in the bezel.
  • There will be some wear and tear if the tags are worn every day, as every product we are not completely indestructible.