How long is your processing time?
Maximum 4 weeks but if you need anything urgently just let me know in the order notes. Any possible longer delays will be announced on instagram. 

How can I order a custom tag?
If you want anything different than what I offer or if you have a collar you want to match to, please contact me via email or message on instagram. I will try to respond asap but this can take up to a few days (in any case if I forget to reply just nudge me again). We can then discuss the design and hardware and you can order it via the website under the custom tag listing. Please add all details and your instagram handle or email address so I can find the reference pics if you sent any

Why is the custom tag listing sold out?
I only offer a limited amount of custom tag spots each month as these take a lot of time to do.

My tag broke after the first use what can I do?
If there are any issues with your tag and it is new please contact me to discuss the issue. I have a 14 day refund policy so if anything happens in that time frame I can offer a refund / partial refund / replacement or fixing the issue (eg you send me the tag back and I repair it). This will be discussed on an individual basis. Please note if the issue is due to wrong handling of the split ring (if you bend it too much) I won't be able to refund you. Always ensure your split ring does not bend too much and if in doubt please order a lobster clasp, s-clasp or just add in the personalisation notes that you would like a larger split ring (the larger ring is free of charge).

How can I care for my tag?
Follow the instructions on my page about resin tag care :)

I am still waiting for my delivery, how long does it take?
I am sending out all UK orders first class and they can take from 1 day to up to 2 weeks. Unfortunately due to the current Covid situation Royal Mail is facing delays. If your tag still did not arrive after 3 weeks of receiving the notification that your tag was sent, please contact me and we can discuss a refund or replacement. International orders can take longer and are sent via standard air mail.

I had to pay custom charges, why?
Unfortunately due to Brexit custom tax charges have changed and you might get charged in your country for anything coming out of the UK. I am not able to send tags marked as gifts (unless you won them in a giveaway) as this is illegal.

Is this your main job?
No, I am working full time in a digital media agency as SEO marketing specialist. This is just a side job. However I am fully registered and insured with this business. You will find some more info about the person behind Doggess Art here.

What colours do you have?
Please check out the colours page for a reference of basic colours I have. These can of course all be mixed and I also have a few more glitters.

Contact detail FAQ

How much can you fit?
That depends on the tag and this will be mentioned in the product description. Standard is 3 lines (name/ house nr, postcode / tel number) but I can also fit some more on round tags or larger tags. However this might be slightly smaller. If you add too much info and it wont fit I might shorten this to the necessary contact details.

How big are they?
Depending on how much you want to add and the size of the tag but standard is a 9pt to 10pt font.

What if I put the wrong info?
Message me immediately so I can amend that in the order. If you message me later and the tag was already sent out I cannot redo them unfortunately (but can give you a little discount for a new tag). If it was my error I will redo the tag free of charge of course.

Does it cost extra?
Contact details are included in the price. They wont fit on all tags as some are just collar charms but this will be added in the product description.