Wholesale and Cooperations

Wholesale Info and Cooperations

We can work on a unique design of collar charms, keychains or even human jewellery which can be sold on your website.

Generally for pre-made tags I recommend more neutral designs which can be used as charms and don’t need any personalisation.

As example I did red glitter snowflake charms for Calm Dog Games and some Christmas themed collar charms in gold and white for Lucky Penny Petwear.

How to request a cooperation?

Please let me know in advance what you would like so we have enough time to plan something and design a tag together. If you want it to match a certain collection, bandanas / leads etc I would love to get a sample (can just be a cut off and no need to be a full piece of course), so I can match the colours best.

Best way to contact me?

Instagram or email at doggessart@gmail.com
Please follow up if I haven’t replied within a week as sometimes requests land in my spam folder.

How long in advance do you need to contact me?

Please let me know at least 4 to 6 week before the release so we have enough time to plan.

What does it cost?

I can offer wholesale prices that are between 15% and 30% cheaper than my regular tags depending on how many tags you want to purchase, number of designs and complexity of designs. 

How many can I do?

Minimum for a wholesale order is 5 tags, maximum depending on design 30 tags on a regular notice (but if we start early enough this can also go up). I can also do 2 or 3 different designs but this will be a bit more expensive as it needs more planning.

Are the tags exclusive to your business?

They can be if you want that. I will possibly sell tags in the same shape or style but it won’t be the exact same design if you want them to be exclusive.

Can you get a sample before?

I can send you samples of your tags at a small cost. This also depends on how many tags you plan to get.

How will the tags get to you?

I am sending wholesale orders exclusively via tracked post Royal Mail in UK. Costs of this are starting at 4 GBP and go up depending on weight.

Can I also add packaging bags or Doggess Art postcards?

If this is requested, I can add small jewellery bags at an extra cost. Postcards can be added for free but will add weight to your package hence postage might be more expensive.

Can I also send your tags outside of UK?

At the moment I am only accepting cooperations and wholesale orders from UK (due to Brexit regulations it became more difficult to ship commercial goods abroad)

How do you pay?

I will add a custom listing with all details which will only be visible to you. You can pay from the website. This is due to tax reasons so we all have the right paperwork for tax declarations, if requested I can also send a paper invoice with the tags.

When is payment due?

As soon as you are happy with the designs I propose (I will send you photos beforehand), I would expect payment as soon as possible so I can start creating your tags.

Can I send an extra tag in case one breaks?

For orders over 20 tags I can send one or two extras (depending on design)

What designs can I do?

We can work on something together, however I will not copy the design of another resin biz out of respect. I can however do variations of designs I am currently offering or did offer in the past.